Castle Rush

The game to engage communities.
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Castle Rush is...

A multi-player virtual reality game.


One team is immersed in the Virtual World, as Archers defending their castle & city!

For Everyone

A game designed for even the non gamers. No app download needed! Anyone can connect & play from their mobile device.


Over 30 players can connect with their mobile devices. These players must work together to infulence the Virtual Reality player's world.

How can I play?

Run at your event

Bring Castle Rush to your event and unite your attendees in the future of interactive entertainment.

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Install in your Venue

Have Castle Rush installed in your venue, for unlimited virtual reality events

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A game like no other

Pioneering the latest technology

Mixed Reality

Castle Rush uses a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to create a Mixed Reality enviroment.

Virtual Reality allows the player to enter the virtual world. Engulfing the sensors, and immersing the player.
Running on Google's Cardboards VR platform turning any modern smart-phone into a Virtual Reality Headset!

Augmented Reality combines the digital and the physical, brining the virtual content into this world.
Allowing players to experience it together, sitting around the digital world like a board-game, sharing the same experience.

Mobile Gaming

Players can tap into the virtual world from their mobile devices without needing to download an app.
Using our web app as a controller, they can work together to collectively influcence the virtual reality player's environment.

Buzzy TV

A platform for connecting devices and people. Buzzy TV is the glue that holds together our virtual reality,
and our mobile players into one Mixed Reality. The mobile players use a large shared screen as a window
into the Virtual World, and their mobile devices as controllers tapping into the virtual world.